We are here to revolutionize your lifestyle

Our Mission

Show you options – Evolve your lifestyle

In today’s age there are infinite possibilities to live your life. We want to show you that there is a world out there to explore, that life is not straight forward. Freedom Lifestyle is the lifestyle you want.

Our Belief

You have one life – Make the best out it

The story of life shouldn’t be carved in stone. A safe way is a dead way. Your story is yours to be written. Become the director and create the lifestyle you want to live. It’s a movie and you are the main actor!

Julian Wagner

Stateless Business Man
I left Germany in 2016, because I was bored of the same city, my boring online marketing corporate job and I felt it was time to explore the world. From the 26th of June I became officially stateless. Till today I have no residence and travel from country to country. For longer periods I often settle in Los Angeles and London. Since then my life skyrocketed. I’m not gonna lie, my life was fine before. But with my first remote project raiseyouredge.com we had massive success and the travel around the world made me grow as a person. On my way I also helped a lot of people to work remotely and to boost their financial but also their personal success. Now it’s time to get this coaching on another level

Constantin Schmid

Content Consti
Two years ago, I dropped out of college, and I decided to not committed to a corporate job and took my chances on my own. Since then, I traveled to 21 countries and built a 6-figure business around myself. I run a marketing agency with four clients, started my own one time use powerbank start-up, created a nightlife based app, manage a high-stakes poker pro, joined a pharmaceutical certified CBD company and now created this course with Julian. This seems like a lot, and you are right, but nevertheless, it is achievable even with moving around all the time. It comes down to hard work, being with the right people, and consistency. Working from all over the world is a challenge, but nothing is impossible.


Some of our current and former projects

Current Ventures


Building up a photography course for phones with one of the highest paid photographers worldwide.

Adam Sevani

Social Media Consultation and currently brand expansion into Merchandise and Online Teaching


A Social Nightlife App that simplifies table booking and connects table booker with girls that want to party

Former Consultations


One of the biggest online poker schools of the world


eBay Partner to automatize selling of used products


Hardest Riddle of the Internet, which can’t be solved with Google or Wikipedia