Picture this:

22 years old lost in every direction, party animal, no interest in learning, college, or even building up any knowledge. That was me not that long ago. Still, one of my best skills was that I could sell myself very good, and I am as social as it gets. My good friend Julian noticed that and kind of started to pick my brain a little more and brought me into the crypto world. A little spark of curiosity came up, and I started researching and wanting to know more about this world. This was probably the start of everything. Challenging myself to know more than the day before. Skip to 2 months later, where I needed to decide for my college where I will make my internship abroad. Luckily my buddy Julian was part of a poker school that he built up and could give me an internship, and since he was traveling all over the world, this was something that was very interesting to me. So I flew over the Atlantic and arrived with the willingness to work, grind, hustle and get shit done - with my IPAD. Yeah, no laptop, nothing. To this day I still ask myself what this dude saw in me; still, he gave me his old one and bought 2 new ones - kinda absurd but if you make 40k a month and don't pay taxes LEGALLY, because of being stateless, who actually give a fuck, right? So, that was my beginning 2k laptop and a guy who was ready to go and hustle it out.

Anyway, the beginning was with youtube, which I wasn't too much on board with at first, but quickly fell in love with — creating content, teaching myself editing, realizing that everything I ever need to know or want to learn was one google search away. That was the starting point of my success; you don't need anybody to find something, everything that you will need to know is on google. And yes believe it, or not GOOGLE IS YOUR MOTHER, she listens, is patient and gives it to you straight, and if you search inefficient she will give you a bad answer but if you are smart enough to ask the right way she will give you everything you want to know.

So vlogs, huh, it was cool, and I really enjoyed it, but I needed money now because I already made up my mind that I will never go back to college. Still, it took me a year to actually say fuck you to my parents and their money. Anyway, Julian got me into the poker school, I integrated myself fast and was the social media guy. Posting, creating new posts, managing a team of editors to give me more content. So on and so on, it felt great I tell you that. So $2500 in my pocket each month while traveling the world with my buddy who obviously paid 80% of the bills at the beginning but still I made something for myself. I will never forget that first time money came in, DAMN, what a feeling.

Fast forward to the day where I told my parents I'm out of college and I'm not planning to go back. CHAOS. DRAMA. CONFUSION. My mom was furious, cried, questioned her whole life. My dad kind of knew even tho he will never admit it. So here I am a couple of thousand dollars in my pocket ready to say fuck you to anyone. That's when everything started to get more relatable and real. I am really on my own now, not a penny from my parents ready to travel the world. So I started with a couple of side gigs that brought me 1k more a month, social media for local business in Germany, Frankfurt where I'm from btw. Next step was that a buddy of mine started streaming poker on twitch and wanted some guidance, help whatever you are going to call it. Turns out the crazy fucker won a tournament live on stream in his first week of streaming for 305k. So after trouble inside the inner circle of the team, and me getting kicked out at first, I found myself being his manager. His go-to guy basically, who also manages his social media. So we went on the road and played the live pro poker tour for four months. 6 stops, Bahamas, Rozvadov, Barcelona, Vienna, Tallin, Sochi. Imagine the life of a gambler, triple it, and fill it up with the good red wine that your parents bring out on Christmas. Everyday. My first real, challenge, juggling three clients, one full-time job with, drinking, playing poker on a high level, long nights, and hungover mornings. It was crazy, and it hurt my work for sure, but on the other side I was working as well, but in a way, I can't even describe. So, three months go by, and my best-paid client gets rather mad with me for obvious reasons, being late, a lot of mistakes blabla. End of the story, I get a cut in my salary and a trial period if everything still works out.
Nevertheless, we had 1 stop left on the poker tour, and when I say poker tour, I mean tournament every day over multiple days, with up to $300.000 for first. Yes, it is stressful as fuck. Picture this, me playing a $1.000 Tournament (which the guy I manage paid for, in poker we call that staking, where we have a deal that he pays for all of my registration fees/ buy-ins and I get a percentage of the profit, which he did for the whole months plus living costs) , moderating a twitch stream of my boss in the poker school, posting updates on IG, Twitter and Facebook, while coordinating my other clients as well, FOR MONTHS. Not the most comfortable environment I gotta tell you. However, I managed it. Fast forward a couple of month, being in London hanging out with my best friend, meeting her friends again and having a crazy night out. But not just partying really connecting with the gang. Blabla, next day I got over to one of the guys that I had the night with to hungover together. His name is Isaac btw. love this guy to death even tho I only know him for 3 months, anyway we start talking he tells me about his business, which is a CBD company. Extremely interesting, to be honest, the only thing i ever had to do with weed, was rolling it up. Nevertheless, he was in desperate need of help on the marketing side of the business, and of course, I told him I could help out, he said yes, new client more money and a new project that I fell in love with instantly. It went way further than just social media or marketing we clicked and started forming the business together, I actually moved in for a month. New client, new business, new friend, with just one night out.

What I'm trying to tell you here, with all of my mumbling is that you need to get out there to find your truth, your pursuits of happiness, and your inner peace. For me, it was always about traveling meeting new people and connecting with others. If I wouldn't have made this step, I would have never gone out to Los Angeles, taught me a craft that I had no idea about, got any clients, made new friendships, made more money than I ever thought I could in 2 years and be living the life I always wanted.


Freedom is everything to me. That's why I don't fuck with 9-5. I wake up when I want; I go to sleep when I want. As simple as that, and I'm telling you it is possible for everybody if I can do it, you can do it. You just have to put the work in, be consistent, and believe in yourself.

Excuse my English and writing skills. I'm still a German Sauerkraut.

06/09/2019 8:45 am


Had a great day of work yesterday pared with an intense cardio session. I used to be a professional tennis player in my teens, with training every day, but never got back to it since I started liking different things.

Nevertheless, sport is so important for my mindset, I feel it every time I don't go into the gym for a while. 

One Time Use Power Bank start-up is going into the correct direction and we are 95% ready with the design and ready to produce the product. After working through heavy language barriers we found a way to get nearly everything done. 

Today we want to film our first video for the course, an I am excited. Let see how this is going. 

Off to boxing now, and later on finally back to Tennis.

Currently at my lowest weight of the summer - 94.5kg 

Still, a long way to go to reach my goal of 85kg.



07/09/2019 7:12 pm